Privacy Policy Statement

Protection of privacy and fundamental rights of people and their private sphere.


The association Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII (hereafter referred to also as 'APG23' or 'the Community') is particularly careful and sensitive to the protection of privacy and of fundamental rights of people and their private sphere. Since Internet is a potential and even dangerous means of circulation of personal data, APG23 undertakes to follow a strict policy of conduct in the collection and processing of personal data, in compliance with the provisions laid down in legislative decree 30th June 2003, no. 196 (in the following: “Italian Personal Data Protection Code”) – in order to guarantee a safe, controlled and reserved on-line browsing. These rules can be modified from time to time, even in force of law concerning the protection of personal data. For this reason, please read this section from time to time in order to know possible changes in APG23 privacy policy. Besides, these rules can change because of decisions of the Community to supply a satisfactory service to the users of its website.

Basic principles of APG23’s privacy policy

  1. process data exclusively for the purposes and according to the modalities described in the information presented to the users every time they access a section of the website where personal data entry is required;
  2. use exclusively data spontaneously given by the user;
  3. make data available to third parties exclusively for purposes required and accurately selected by us;
  4. inform users if their data are communicated to third parties if this is necessary to perform the requested services, or communicate them to third parties if this is imposed by laws, regulations or community legislation;
  5. communicate data to associations linked to us (specifically, Condivisione fra i Popoli, NGO promoted by APG23), only if the user has given his/her express consent;
  6. reply to requests of cancellation, modification or integration of personal data, and to the opposition to data processing on legitimate grounds or to the opposition for the processing of data for purposes of information about our projects and requests of economic contributions supporting our institutional activities;
  7. guarantee a correct and lawful processing of your data, protecting your privacy, also taking adequate safety measures to protect privacy, integrity and availability of data.

Information pursuant to art. 13 of legislative decree no. 196/2003

As it is further explained in the sections dedicated to the subscription – after having entered your personal data – to the services for users of our website, the required data are used to respond to requests voluntarily expressed by users. In particular, the collection – and subsequent processing – of personal data are carried out to pursue institutional goals of APG23 and in particular for the following purposes:

  1. reply to requests of information about on-going and future activities, projects and initiatives
  2. reply to requests of products by SEMPRE Comunicazione
  3. managing contributions and donations for our projects
  4. managing donations given through payment by credit card

Application forms to be filled require compulsory data, whose lack prevents the request to be performed, and data of voluntary nature. In general, compulsory data are marked with a star (*).

Processing of data collected through this website is carried out with paper, electronic or telematic means, according to the logic connected to the purpose of data collection, respecting the security rules in force, for the purpose defined each time in the privacy note given to the user.

The Community will not use data entered for purposes other than those linked to the service requested by users. It will use data only within the time span defined each time in the privacy note.

Data will be made available to third parties for purposes connected to the performance of the service required; these third parties will act as autonomous controller of data processing, for the supply of instrumental services to satisfy the users’ demand (e.g. companies manufacturing and supplying informational materials asked for by the user) or to which the data communication is necessary to respect laws or regulations. Data will not be disseminated or transferred abroad.

Only if the user has given his/her express consent, can data be communicated to Condivisione fra i Popoli, an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) supported by APG23, which will use them for information about projects and initiatives.

Donors’ data are also used to send them informational materials with news about projects, institutional activities and humanitarian aids carried out in all countries where the Community is active. They will also be used for fund raising campaigns to support institutional activities.

Materials about “social advertising” are sent to users only if they have expressly requested it or they have given their consent.

Personal data will be made available to persons expressly authorised by the Community and therefore appointed in charge of the processing: they will carry out necessary processes for the above mentioned purposes. Categories of persons in charge of the processing are defined each time in the privacy note. In general, these are people in charge of specific services, such as administration, management of informational services, relations with effective and potential donors, organisers of informational campaigns about our projects and of the so-called “social advertising” supporting our humanitarian initiatives.

The association Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII – with registered office in Via Mameli 1, 47900 Rimini (RN – Italy) – is the controller of the processing according to the legislative decree no. 196 of June 30th 2003 and its effects, as it can decide how and why to collect and use personal data given by the user, after having informed the user himself/herself in the specific privacy note. The Community also decides the means used to process data and the security measures to be followed in order to guarantee their integrity, privacy and availability.

We guarantee the respect of all rights provided by the art. 7 of legislative decree no. 196/2003, which allows to cancel, modify, correct or integrate data spontaneously given, as well as to ask for their block, transformation into anonymous form or to oppose to their processing on legitimate grounds or if you do not want to receive “social advertising” by APG23. Thanks to these rights, you can check the use of your data also after you have given them.

Consultation, modification and cancellation of personal data – rights in art. 7, legislative decree no. 196/2003

We also inform you that you can exercise the rights of the art. 7, legislative decree no. 196/2003 at any time by sending an e-mail to (alternatively, by writing to: Via Mameli 1, 47900 Rimini – RN – Italy). Hereafter you can find the main part of the article. You have the right to:

  1. have a confirmation of the existence of your personal data in the data bank, request and get written and complete information about them and their origin, about the logic followed in processing them and the purpose for which they are processed, if they are processed electronically. Your request can be renewed at intervals of not less than 90 days, but for well-grounded reasons;
  2. obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form and block of data unlawfully processed;
  3. obtain updates, rectifications or, if requested, integrations of data;
  4. fully or partly object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of your personal data;
  5. object to the processing of personal data for the purpose of sending advertising materials and interactive information.

Third parties in charge of the processing

Your personal data can be processed, manually, electronically and through telematic means, directly by APG23 and by third parties which, thanks to their experience, technical capacity and reliability, carry out data processing on behalf of the Community, in order to supply a better service and to guarantee the highest satisfaction of the needs of the users of our website, always respecting security and privacy of users' information. These could be, for instance, companies printing and manufacturing “social advertisements” sent to donors.

The full and updated list of third parties in charge of the processing can be requested at the address, or at the mail address mentioned in the paragraph above.

Third parties to whom your data can be communicated

Your data can be made available to third parties, autonomous controllers of data processing, for purposes connected to the services or according to laws and regulations which determine their communication, and to controlling authorities. As already mentioned in the paragraph about the Information pursuant to art. 13 of legislative decree no. 196/2003, data can be communicated, with the user’s express consent, to “Condivisione fra i Popoli” for their own institutional activities and “social advertising”.

What cookies are and how APG23 uses them

Cookies are information saved in the hard disk of your computer which is sent by your browser to a web server. This information concerns your use of the web and makes it possible to know services, websites, and options chosen while browsing.

Thus, this information is not given spontaneously or directly, but traces the user’s navigation on the web.

To this end, the Community wants to point out that data acquired through cookies are used exclusively for technical needs, in order to guarantee an easier, friendly and faster access to the website and to its services and an easier navigation for the single user. They will never be used to create user profiles on the basis of the sections of the websites entered or on the basis of the actions of the users themselves on this website or while browsing the web.

Safety of credit card

On-line donations require the identification data and details of the credit card and its owner.

We want to point out that the Community will not be aware of this information, as at the time of the transaction credit card details (number, expiring date, owner’s personal details) are collected directly by the card issuing institution and by Banca Sella which is involved in the process.

Hence, conservation, modalities of processing and security measures are defined by the institutes having financial relations with the owner of the credit card and by Banca Sella. We want also to point out that the Community is not responsible for non-authorized or fraudulent use of your credit card by third parties.

Security of your personal data

APG23 takes appropriate and preventive security measures to protect privacy, integrity and availability of your personal data. As established by the regulations governing the security of personal data, some technical, logistic and organizational devices are put into practice with the aim of preventing damages, losses (also accidental ones), alterations, improper and non-authorised use of your personal data. Similar preventive security measures are taken by third parties (data processors) to whom the Community entrusted the processing of your data on its behalf.

On the other hand, the Community is not responsible for false information sent directly by the users (e.g. correct e-mail address, mail address or other details), nor is it responsible for the information about the users given by third parties, also with fraudulent means.