Conditions of use

Conditions of use for the website of the Association Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII and copyright.

The Association Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII (hereafter also referred to as 'APG23') is the owner of the website, which it updates and manages directly.

The aim of the website is to spread information and news about projects and initiatives carried out as well as events planned for the future and updates about the progress of supporting activities and intervention in difficult situations. The aim is also to raise funds to finance its own institutional activities.

The content of the website, as well as all codes and format scripts to implement it, are owned by our organization or it has an exclusive right of implementation.

All materials of the website are copyrighted. The use of the website is merely personal and non commercial. Therefore it is forbidden to copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, publish or distribute to third parties the content of the website and the trademarks in it, for commercial or any other use. Users, for merely personal and professional purposes, never for commercial ones, are allowed to download texts and other kinds of content of the website and divulge them, but the source of these must be clearly and explicitly shown. It is also possible to download, for personal and professional purposes, never for commercial ones, banners and logos present in the “download” sections of the website, with the exception of those cases reporting a different indication, as clearly and explicitly expressed next to the content itself.

The website can suggest links to websites of other boards, organizations and companies: APG23 cannot be considered responsible for their availability, their content, the products and services supplied, for possible damages or losses due to their use. APG23 is not responsible for the ways and purposes of data collection and processing carried out by these third parties.

APG23 aims at constantly maintaining the service of access to the website, but it cannot be considered responsible for possible damages, loss of data or information, other damages due to delayed, incorrect or absent finding of information, restrictions or loss of access, difficulties or any kind of problem, errors, non-authorized use during the access to the service as well as other forms of interactions in the service. APG23 is not responsible for and does not guarantee that: (a) services supplied through the website satisfy user's specific needs; (b) the service is run without breaks, updated, safe and without mistakes; (c) information and results obtained through the use of the website are always accurate and reliable; (d) every possible defect of the software managing the website can be eliminated.

Lastly, as users can choose, at their own risk, every sort of material to download or to obtain otherwise though the use of the service, all responsibilities for possible damages to computer systems or data losses due to operations of download fall on the users and cannot be attributed to APG23.

APG23 declines every responsibility for possible damages due to the inaccessibility of services present on the website or possible damages caused by virus, damaged files, errors, omissions, service breaks, elimination of content, problems linked to the network, to providers and to telephone and/or network connection, to non-authorized accesses, to data modifications, to abnormal or defective functioning of electronic devices own by the users.

APG23 can, at every time, at its own discretion and without previous notice:

  1. modify these conditions of use;
  2. check and delete materials sent to the website;
  3. interrupt the availability of the website.

Accessing this website, the user and APG23 agree that the Italian laws and regulation will be enforced in case of lawsuits linked to the use of the website. The user and APG23 also agree that all the lawsuits mentioned above will be pursued at the Court of Rimini.

Accessing this website and using the tools here available, users implicitly accept all terms and conditions stated above.